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Not gonna lie, these past few days have been pretty messed up.

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When your crush uploads a selfie


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Warm up doodle. [8/18/2014]

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I’m trying to redesign an old oc..
I want to give him tattoos but dunno what :/
Any suggestions?

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I had a lot of fun doing these! I might have cried a little bit though.
I made these weapons for my OCs, Junya and Koba.

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"It’ll be fun!" I said.
So here I am…trying to draw a watergun. gun for Junya. ; 0 ;

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yotsuba drawings | otakumode

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shotze is a goddess  

THIS IS SO GORGEOUS ; 0000000000 ;
rinnow , i’m dead - just slay me with your beautiful art
i am seriously mesmerized by this * H *

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I wasn’t thinking about the background at all when I started on this.
I think I’m going to have to draw some funny looking stairs. ; 0 ;

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picked up a cool kid from 1mk a while back >;0
his name is Lark now ~

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I have no idea what’s making me so … meh.
I’m just going to keep drawing until I feel better.

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64nz said: who’s the first one? omg„ cutie

thank you!
that’s one of my ocs - Junya ;0 

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